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Worksheets/Slide Decks

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Kristie’s Fail-Proof Hiring Formula

“Sales candidates are professional interviewees. Buyer beware!” -Kristieism

Download Kristie's Fail-Proof Hiring Formula


2024 New Year Checklist

A new year is upon you. That means not only a fresh start, but also starting the year at ZERO with an uphill climb to hitting your quota. Now’s a great time to take inventory as you enter 2024.

Use this checklist to make sure you're spending your time on revenue producing activities!

Download 2024 New Year Checklist


Accountability is a Sales Strategy: 4-Part Series

A culture of accountability isn’t a nice-to-have, it’s a sales strategy. Having a culture of accountability at your organization will increase the chances that you will achieve plan, attract top talent, retain reps, and build a team that not only trusts each other but management as well. As such, it deserves the same time, attention, discussion, and thoughtful planning as your new 2021 go-to-market strategy.

In Part 1 of this 4-Part series, we’ll explore:

  • Questions you need to ask yourself before starting to create a Sales Culture of Accountability
  • Hiring for Accountability
  • Setting and communicating expectations

Download Part 1

In Part 2 of this 4-Part series, we’ll explore:

  • Getting buy-in regarding expectations
  • Determining how you'll inspect what you expect
  • Establishing consequences for not meeting expectations

Download Part 2

In Part 3 of this 4-Part series, we’ll explore:

  • Handling accountability dodgers
  • Maximizing your quarterly expectation meetings
  • Obtaining executive support

Download Part 3

In Part 4 of this 4-Part series, we’ll explore:

  • Lessons learned from the trenches
  • Teaching Reps how to hold themselves and other accountable
  • Signs you've arrived!

Download Part 4


2021 Sales Leader’s Check List for Success

2020 is almost behind us and I’m sure you’re just as relieved as I am! No matter how you are leaving 2020, 2021 in upon us and now’s the time to do some reflecting and decide how you can make 2021 a year your team consistently hits revenue targets, is more accountability, and grows professionally.

I’ve put together a check list of actions to take NOW to ensure you’re ready to hit the ground running in 2021.

Download 2021 Sales Leader’s Check List


Leadership Skills you Need Now: Holding your Reps Accountable

These are awkward times. You and your sales reps are still working from home. You’re being asked to think about equality and how that might change your leadership style. You and your team are under a lot of pressure to hit the revised (or not) revenue targets you’ve been given AND the end of the year is just days away.

It’s a lot. I get it. But not holding your reps accountable to activity, net new pipeline, pipeline hygiene, and their quota isn’t the answer. If you have a Culture of Accountability (and I’m assuming you do) you owe it to yourself, your reps, and your company to continue to lead your team as you did in February.

Download Leadership Skills you Need Now


Pipeline Stages Checklist

If only 60% of sales reps are making quota, then what percentage of your pipeline do you think is a reality? Create a "pipeline stages" checklist to make sure that the right deals are in the pipeline and are in the appropriate stages. Fill out our short form to download a sample.

Download Pipeline Stages Checklist


How do you know if the sales activities you're doing each day will help you reach your quota?

Take the Productivity Audit to find out.

Download Productivity Audit


Kristie Jones Sales Glossary: The Terms You Need to Know

Whether you’re new to SaaS, new to sales, or just want to brush up on your sales terms, Kristie Jones Sales Glossary has you covered.

Download Sales Glossary


Demos that Dazzle

How to NOT put your prospects to sleep!

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Identifying and Finding your Ideal Customer

“People don't buy from you because they understand what you do... they buy from you because you understand what they do.” - Lincoln Murphy

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